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Live At The Knight

Jesus Culture Music, John Mark McMillan

Live at The Knight Theatre is John Mark McMillan’s 6th solo album and his first live album recording. The full length album is a collection of well known anthems such as “How He Loves”, fan favorites like “Future/Past” [Nominated for a Dove Award for “Worship Song of the Year” in 2014], and “Heart Won’t Stop” from this summer’s EP release. Live performances on the record include a cast of some of John Mark’s good friends including: Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan & Katie Torwalt and wife Sarah McMillan. Both electric and intimate, this album takes the powerful concert experience that John Mark McMillan has become known for, and delivers that experience directly to his fans.

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Brave New World

Amanda Cook, Bethel Music

For this album, there were stories before there were songs. The process of writing gave me permission to explore and to breathe in a way I didn’t know I needed. I was given a gift- to find out what I actually believe about God, to ask big questions, wrestle with what I had been told are answers, and find peace within the mystery. These are my imaginations and confessions put to melodies and music.

Brave New World represents a voyage of discovering that God has been on our side all along, that we can live a whole life, full of heart, with a capacity to process pain, wrestle with truth, and find ourselves steady at the end of our pilgrimage.

There is an endless possibility for God to create a world within us, a world transformed through the bravery of perfect Love. My prayer through this record is that you would experience the reality that you, in fact, house a Brave New World; you are a Brave New World. May you be filled with hope in the One whose mercy is timeless, and whose Love for mankind is as boundless as the sea.

- Amanda Cook

Amanda Cook has crafted a striking solo album, her debut solo project with the Bethel Music Collective. Brave New World presents 14 original songs, revealing the current themes, confessions, and imaginations dearest to Amanda’s heart. The album’s combination of dynamic lyric, symphonic instrumentation, and crafted melody creates an ethereal atmosphere of worship. Each track is intentionally spacious and rich, inviting listeners into a time of encounter with God, free of distraction. Amanda’s greatest desire through this album is that the permission and discovery God has taught her about would become an invitation for every listener to experience the same – a journey of His mystery explored.

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Simple Gospel

United Pursuit

"A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of making this record special. We are so blessed by the richness of friendship and family. A special thanks to anyone and everyone who follows our community’s journey; may you experience the radiant life of Christ as your journey unfolds. "

Produced by: United Pursuit and Garrett Sale

Mixed by: Garrett Sale, Will Reagan, Brock Human

Mastered by: Mastered by Eric Conn & Don Cobb at Independent Mastering, Nashville TN

Live Audio Engineering: Richard Kemp

Recorded engineering: Garrett Sale

Photography: Carrie Pinckard

Artwork: VStudio

Will Reagan - Acoustic guitar, Keys, Vocal

Brock Human - Acoustic guitar, Vocal
Brandon Hampton - Electric guitar, Vocal
Andrea Reagan - Piano - Vocal
Michael Ketterer - Vocal
John Romero - Bass
Yoosung Lee - Cello
Nathan Fray - Drums

All songs owned by ©2015 United Pursuit Music (ASCAP) and Capitol CMG Genesis (ASCAP) For licensing inquiries, visit

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Without Words: Synesthesia

Bethel Music

syn·es·the·sia (noun) The sensation of a sense other than the one being stimulated, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a certain color.

Without Words: Synesthesia continues the venture that Bethel Music began in 2013 with the release of their first instrumental worship album, Without Words. This sophomore instrumental project contains 11 well-known worship anthems set against new sonic landscapes and threaded together by cinematic interludes. This project invites listeners into a vibrant worship experience: one of communion, rejuvenation, and discovery. Remove lyric, and a worshipper is free to find a new expression. Relationship with God is the most vibrant, multi-dimensional relationship we could ever have. There is a world in living color that He wants to reveal to us and in us. We hope this album paints a limitless landscape for that to happen.

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Kristene DiMarco: Mighty

Jesus Culture Music, Kristene Mueller-DiMarco

“Jesus Culture Music presents “Mighty”, the latest from Kristene DiMarco and her very first full length live album. Featuring 11 compelling worship songs, Kristene writes from a place that carries the message of hope, trust, and the power of God through all circumstances. Inspired by the beauty and reverence of hymns, Kristene unpacks timeless psalms paired with soaring string melodies, a resilient choir, and an unapologetic heart of worship to put on display the holiness and kindness of God. In tracks such as, “Eyes On You”, we sing of our trust in Jesus who is with us through seasons of both laughter and pain. Anthems such as, “Over And Over Again” and “Song Of Your Love” are declarations of praise to God who always comes through and is always on time. The title track “Mighty” powerfully declares the mightiness of God, and that death has no power because of His victory. This album is ground shaking worship that will stir up tremendous faith, and bring you back to the truth of God’s powerful love and the undeniable comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit.

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Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea

Jonathan & Melissa Helser

As musicians we love writing songs, but as worshipers our hearts ache for more. Our favorite part of writing songs is the way a song can become like a diving board to take us into the deeper waters. In the studio, we love the risk of leaving the record light on just a little longer and walking off the map of the written song and into the eternal moments.

In the fall of 2010, we went into “Threshing Floor Studio” with our great friend Elijah Mosely, as our producer and a group of amazing friends as our band. In the studio, we had two goals. The first was to create an album of twelve beautifully crafted songs. The second was to step off the edge of the written songs and capture a double-disc album of spontaneous moments. We titled the album of twelve songs “On the Shores,” because those songs were like standing on the edge of what happened in the studio. We titled the double disc album, “Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea” because they are the moments that happened when we stepped off the shores and into the much more.

The songs of “On the Shores” truly became like a diving board to take us into the deep waters of “Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea.” As you listen, may you be taken beyond the music and experience the One whose love truly is an endless ocean and a bottomless sea.

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Long Story Short

Jonathan & Melissa Helser

In the fall of 2007 Melissa and I went into the studio with the plan of tracking a new worship album, but the Lord hijacked our plans with his dream. When we thought the songs were coming to an end, Jesus walked through the walls of the studio and we realized the songs were just beginning. The songs that we thought would only last a few minutes turned into ten and fifteen minute experiences. At the end of those days in the studio we had collected two albums full of spontaneous and unplanned moments where heaven collided with our hearts. We released the albums later that year as “The Reward” and “Walk through the Walls.”

Within those two albums of extended worship are eleven songs that were forged and crafted in the eight years leading up to the moment the record light clicked on. The songs were fashioned in a wilderness and found in the middle of storms. They are the songs of a journey. This year we decided to go back and collect the eleven songs from the extended moments of worship. We remixed and remastered them into beautiful and simple song length versions. I love the way a song can squeeze the beauty of eternity into a few minutes. This collection of songs tells the story of our journey. This is our long story short.

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On the Shores

Jonathan & Melissa Helser

To record the music of your life is in itself a gift, but to do it with your best friend and the love of your life is a gift beyond explanation. In the 11th year of our marriage, we decided to take the beautiful journey of recording an album together. In the years past, we have soared to the highest heights and traveled to deepest depths and in the end have collected these melodies that are some of the greatest treasures we possess. As songwriters, we write to express the language of our seasons to God and to man. We gladly give these songs to you-the listener, the worshipper-to pour your own heart over….May you find Him as consistently good as we have.

In the autumn of 2010 we moved the furniture out of our house and filled our home with instruments. We invited some incredible musicians, who also happen to be our dearest friends, to spend a week arranging, creating and dreaming into the new songs we had written. The following week, we took these songs into a studio called “Threshing Floor.” The music that we captured in those days is the sound of a family diving deep into the heart of love. At the helm of this grand adventure stood our fearless friend and producer who gave the next year of his life to carefully weave together the songs on this album. There is nothing like being surrounded by a group of friends who fight for your dreams. To have among those friends musicians, artists, and a producer, who all helped bring our hearts and songs alive, is an honor beyond words.

Our favorite part of writing music is how a song can become like a diving board taking you to the deep places. This album is really like being on the shores of what happened that week in the studio. If you want to dive deeper, look for Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea a double disc collection of the extended versions and experiences of these songs.

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Cageless Birds: Live at Home

Jonathan & Melissa Helser

Cageless Birds is a collective of musicians & artists led by Jonathan & Melissa Helser. “Live at Home” is our first collaborative project, and is an overflow of our rhythms of worship as a community. This album was recorded live at Jonathan & Melissa’s house.

“Live at Home” is the first creative adventure of our collective Cageless Birds. The idea for this album was born one day when we were dreaming out loud together. We fell into one of those moments where beautiful “what if” statements started cascading upon one another.

Our conversation sounded something like this…

“What if we recorded an album in our house? What if invite everyone in our band to record one of their songs for the album? What if we recorded the whole album in one week? What if we film each song, so that everyone could see what’s happening in this community? What if we made this project a true story and didn’t overdub or gloss over the mistakes? What if we let it be a real live album…”

One of us said ‘this is crazy’ and both of us said ‘let’s do it.’ And so we did. We are very excited to share with you this project that came from our community stepping out on the water.

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser 2014

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The Selah Project Live: 10,000 x 10,000

The Selah Project

The Selah Project Live: 10 Thousand X 10 Thousand brings together a diverse group of artists including Josh Baldwin, Kelanie Gloeckler, Brian & Ramey Whalen, and Ray Hughes.

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Everything And Nothing Less

Chris McClarney, Jesus Culture Music

Since the beginning, Jesus Culture Music has always had a heart for people to encounter the Presence of God through their worship. Their latest offering partners with Chris McClarney, the songwriter behind the powerful worship anthem “Your Love Never Fails”, which has become one of the most popular songs in America’s churches as reported in the TOP 25 of CCLI. Fueled with a passion to see people experience the love and power of Jesus, McClarney brings his debut live album “Everything and Nothing Less”, set to release on June 9, 2015. This dynamic album features 9 brand new songs recorded at the 2015 Jesus Culture Sacramento conference.

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This Is Jesus Culture - Spanish

Jesus Culture Music

Jesus Culture es un movimiento global que despierta los corazones a la adoración y demuestra el amor y el poder de Dios a donde quiera que va. “Esto es Jesus Culture” es una compilación en español de las canciones más impactantes y de mayor influencia en la iglesia, cantadas en su totalidad por Kim Walker-Smith y Chris Quilala; incluyendo “Tu amor nunca fall”, “Él nos ama”, “Tuyo soy”, “Amor imparable” y más, interpretadas por la banda por primera vez en español.

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Bethel Christian School

In Basileia, the children were free to do what they truly loved. Their eyes twinkled and their noses wrinkled. Life was delicious and loveable. But as they grew older, forgetfulness would take its' toll. Basileia became a tale of yesteryear, a thing of dreams. Now that they were grownups, they had no time for games, no time for play. They had "more important" things to do, and Basileia seemed to be lost to them forever. Join Bethel Christian School’s cast of over one hundred as they sing and dance their way through a story of childlike wonder, remembrance, and a world forgotten.

Our purpose at Bethel Christian School is to partner with parents to prepare and develop the whole student; mind, body and spirit through academic training that is interwoven with Biblical teaching, ministry and worship. We believe that the spiritual man is integrated into all aspects of learning and life. We teach that God wants to edify, comfort, and exhort His children. Through this understanding, students will gain self-confidence enabling them to achieve all that God has purposed for their lives.

Written by: Sara Rust

Directed by : Tiffany Christensen

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Boundary Lines EP

Sean Feucht

Recorded in the rawness of a weathered barn on the edge of the Puget Sound, the songs of Sean Feucht’s newest album, Boundary Lines, capture a warm and merry sound. This sound calls to hearers everywhere, to return to the simplicity of family gathering in wonder, as they interact with the Divine. In the atmosphere of live recording, a boisterous crowd and the skilled musicians of the Pacific Northwest, this album is a venture away from grandiose stages and bright lights. In a dimly-lit, rustic room, crammed with too many instruments and great friends, these songs are those of burning hearts united in choruses of joyful affection towards the One they love.

Some records are carefully captured in the serenity and stillness of a studio, while others are caught LIVE and bleed with passion, guts and glory. This is project is of the latter!

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Awaken Love - Sean Feucht

Sean Feucht

This album is a collection of songs birthed in BURN 24-7 furnaces across the nation. This is Sean Feucht’s first ever live record and continues to be one of the all-time top sellers boasting the #1 downloaded “Awaken Love” title track. Many of the songs and anthems were spontaneously released during moments in the midnight hours of contending for the Presence in regions and cities all over the world.

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