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Creating Momentum by Chris Overstreet

Creating Momentum

Chris Overstreet

The first of its kind, “Creating Momentum” presents four original songs combining passionate and uplifting declarations with inspiring, new electronic sounds.

Chris Overstreet introduces the power of encouragement in an authentic and unique format. Using both music and spoken word, he motivates you to set goals, follow through, and feel the pleasure and reward of creating momentum toward your desired future. Pulling from his own experience in overcoming obstacles, Chris serves as coach, motivator, and friend as he encourages you on your journey toward breakthrough in every area of your life.

“Creating Momentum” is a catalyst for change. It’s time to start believing it’s possible for you to tap into your greatest potential. You have what it takes to make powerful choices that will create momentum in your life today.

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We Will Not Be Shaken (Live)

Bethel Music

On a mountaintop north of Redding, CA, the Bethel Music community gathered for an unforgettable evening of worship. The resulting live album and film portrays breathtaking visuals and resounds with hope.

We Will Not Be Shaken presents 11 new songs led by Bethel Music"s artist collective, including several debut artists. The accompanying film chronicles the full evening of worship, capturing the sounds and breath-taking visuals through a multi-camera shoot including aerial views from a drone aircraft's camera flying overhead.

Meant to be a catalyst for other worship communities to take hold of what it means to “not be shaken", the album's title track “We Will not Be Shaken”, was birthed in a spontaneous moment of worship and hails a message of promise amidst adversity and the victory we have in Jesus. The live film powerfully portrays the energy and declarations that echoed into the night and invites listeners to join in praise.

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GTI: Heaven in Business 2015

Bethel Team

We want to partner with God in building a receptacle on earth for more of His Presence and power – permanently. So, how do you cultivate an environment in your business that God would call ‘home?’ How do you build a business culture that welcomes and sustains the supernatural in a competitive environment? What are the benefits and what are the challenges in building this kind of culture?

This three day event will help you build an environment where the Presence and power of God become a daily experience. You will hear real-life stories from real-life business people, have opportunity to receive personal ministry and receive practical tips and tools to help you build a work environment that God could call ‘home.’

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Radical Testimonies and Encounters From a Revival Generation


Do you remember the moment that God marked you? Leaders from Bethel Activation Ministry, including Joaquin Evans and Chad Dedmon, share their extraordinary experiences with God where He revealed His love, power and great grace. These stories are more than just mere words recounting the past; they are histories that prophesy the coming move of God in your own life! Prepare to be refreshed with the overwhelming, glorious love of God as these revivalists tell of His great exploits in their lives.

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Sean Feucht

1 Awake My Soul (feat. Kristene Dimarco) 5:49

2 Making Melody (feat. Olivia Dyer) 4:51

3 Let Our Love Soar 4:25

4 Don’t Be Overwhelmed (feat. Kristene Dimarco) 4:29

5 Messenger (Malachi’s Song) 6:20

6 Abide (feat. David Brymer) 4:53

7 Love Lovin’ 3:48

8 The World Can Wait (Spontaneous) [feat. Kristene Dimarco] 3:08

9 Treasures 3:35

10 Only Just Begun (feat. William Matthews) 4:01

11 The Oil, the Fire (feat. William Matthews)3:04

12 No Turning Back 3:24

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Sacred Mountain

Burn 24/7, Sean Feucht

Sacred Mountain (Feat. Sean Feucht, United Pursuit, Burn 247)

It is said that frequencies, sounds and rhythms can move the soul of the listener into places nothing else can. We are carried on a voyage as the depths of our being open and the sum of our emotion exposed. This is why music is so powerful and everlasting.

In the same way, every human being is created and destined to release an exclusive sound that moves the depths of God’s heart forever.

This project is an experiment conducted by eternal psalmists trapped in mortal shells searching for those frequencies, sounds and rhythms that remain and sustain throughout eternity. You are welcome to join us on this journey and engage in our sound of love and emotion. Let this experimental, instrumental, spontaneous and melodic sound take you there.

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Swan Song

Bethel Music, Hunter Thompson

Swan Song offers five original tracks with engaging arrangements, poignant lyrics and haunting melodies. Moved by the metaphor of a swan’s last exhale before departing this life, Hunter’s crafted lyrics and soundscapes explore the paradox that life is a vapor, while being ever connected to eternity. Marked by phrases like “May I sing as if these words would be my last…”, the album takes an honest stance toward what it means to remain unreserved in love even when life’s circumstances try to convince us otherwise.

Hunter’s songs are raw, vulnerable and ultimately hopeful. Declaring “at the end of my days, I’ll look back and I’ll say, it’s worth it just to love You, worth it just to love You”, the album’s overall tone is reminiscent of David’s psalms, reflecting themes of resilience and rising again. In its entirety, the project is a powerful acknowledgement of who we are and who we become not in spite of pain, but through it.

“This record is for those who have withstood the test of time and have chosen to stay the course," writes Hunter in his album dedication, "We have fought a noble fight; we have fallen, but kept crawling forward. We’ve been misunderstood, and some of us have been broken. To all of you, may your ears be met by a familiar voice, and may your heart have permission to give it one more try.”

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When Christmas Comes

Jesus Culture Music, Kim Walker-Smith

Kim Walker-Smith’s latest full-length album, When Christmas Comes, rings in the holiday season packed with 17 Christmas classics. Drawing from hits such as “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland” to the sacred carols including “The First Noel” and “Away In A Manger”, Kim powerfully delivers a timeless collection that will no doubt become a household staple for years to come. Joined by acclaimed producer Jeremy Edwardson (Michael W Smith, Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture) and backed by a full string ensemble, Kim’s unforgettable, soulful voice soars over a sea of vibrant, cinematic soundscape. Fronting the Jesus Culture Band and known as one of the most influential worship leaders of our time, Kim Walker-Smith delivers this Christmas collection in a way reminiscent of the classic renditions we’ve come to love while offering a new, fresh and creative sound that’s really something all her own. Coming to stores worldwide November 4, “When Christmas Comes” is an album you won’t want to miss this holiday season!

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We're Not Alone

Josh Albillo

We’re Not Alone is a record with a story denoting passion, drive, and encounters. Three Years, One Team, One Nation. Thailand. This team experienced uncontained & abandoned worship there, and were never the same. That was captured in this record.

Josh Albillo and the team release a sound that transcends culture and makes bold declarations centered on the cross. Arranged with epic builds, and timeless lyrics. The songs carry inheritance, revival, fire, and fresh encounters. The vocals evoke passion & glory, and the melodies are simple, true, and memorable…

Proceeds from this record will go to fuel revival in Thailand, loving the poor, orphan, & human trafficked.

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Jesus Culture Music, Justin Jarvis

Justin’s debut full-length album, Atmospheres, was recorded live on tour with the Jesus Culture band in March of 2014 and captures 9 original anthems with striking theological depth in a raw, vibrant soundscape. Touting both indie and arena rock sensibilities, this dynamic recording (captured by acclaimed producer Jeremy Edwardson) presents a fresh yet accessible worship experience that engages the listener with songs about the love and power of God. From the unforgettable melodies of the soaring title track “Atmospheres” and the epic instrumentation of the modern hymn “Heaven’s Light” to the intimate reflection of “Born of God,” every song at it’s core is unmistakably written in and for the local church, inspiring a journey into the fullness of God’s heart.

At times reminiscent to the croon of Chris Martin (Coldplay) but with an urgent cry similar to Win Butler (Arcade Fire), Justin’s unique voice carries a sound for everyone looking for something new in the realm of live worship music. Arrangements with both massive and subtle qualities hint at inspiration from rock greats like Coldplay and The Killers, while each song shines unapologetically in it’s focus on Jesus and His kingdom. You are sure to agree that Justin Jarvis’s Atmospheres carries something special for the church and this generation.

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Passion: Take it All


PASSION: TAKE IT ALL, recorded in both Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX in 2014, features bestselling artists Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill along with special guest performances. Since the first release in 1998, Passion albums have sold over 1.3 million units while introducing the church to worship songs like ‘Our God,’ ‘Holy Is The Lord,’ ‘How Great Is Our God,’ and ‘God Of This City.’

The Passion Movement and the messages of founder Louie Giglio have marked the lives of millions of people around the globe, calling people everywhere to live for the glory of God. From its inception, the movement of Passion has birthed new anthems of worship, influencing countless churches and helping to define the current worship climate and establish artists Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill and others. Louie Giglio is the pastor and founder of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA.

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The Undoing

Bethel Music, Steffany Gretzinger

Bethel Music’s Steffany Gretzinger has crafted an intimate collection of original songs, debuting her first solo album. The Undoing began from what Steffany describes as “the moments in-between”: the life we live in between our corporate worship gatherings. What does it look like to worship in the process of growth, love, pain, healing? The Undoing is a whole-hearted response to this question and the journey it beckons, resulting in 11 lyrically-rich tracks bearing fresh melodies and unique instrumentation. Some songs began in spontaneous worship, others began as personal prayers or were written for friends. The album’s anthemic track about trust, “Steady Heart”, is laced with atmospheric vocals and sonic intricacies. With honest lyrics and provoking textures, “Promise I Always Will” explores the unfolding of covenant relationship. Hymn-like in quality, “Out of Hiding” is a pointed ballad sung from God’s perspective over his beloved. The Undoing invites listeners to embrace not so much the destinations we reach with God, but the many processes we walk out in this life with Him: the crucial moments along the way. It is from this place that Steffany has translated her experiences and passion into songs that are sure to last.

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The Wild Inside

Michael Ketterrer, United Pursuit

I want to take a moment to talk about my album “The Wild Inside”. In order to do so I must highlight the United Pursuit community where all the music comes from. The greatest part of Knoxville TN are the people in my community. I know I’m bias, but these people have become my family. I have never been a part of anything so alive… I have never found such acceptance and love. The way you know if your truly living in real community is if the people around you aspire to see you succeed in your calling and destiny as much as their own.

I am very thankful to be part of a community that truly lives as family. Family is the only institution in the earth where love abounds. I have come to understand over the years that the Kingdom of God at its very core is a family.

The Kingdom of God is a great big, loving Daddy God, and all his children. There are so many orphans in our world; children and adults alike that don’t know their Daddy God. And God wants a functioning family operating in the earth because every orphan longs to belong to a family.

As a father of six, five of which are adopted, I am daily laying down my life. I sacrifice my time, energy, and pursuits to see my children equipped, trained, healed and loved. They each have a unique design and intricate makeup. The way God made them to perceive the world is individual and beautiful. I count it an honor to patiently steward each life God has entrusted me with, and I love it when they succeed. This is the same dedication God has for each of us, His children. We must learn to extend this same kind of selfless love to all those around us.

So you might be asking what this has to do with my album? I am just so moved to have such amazing brothers and sisters like Will and Andrea Reagan, Nathan and Brittany Fray, Brock Human, Brandon Hampton, Michael Carr and so many others who have taken time out of their own crazy lives to help me with my album. They have got behind my songs because they see something in me that they want to share with the world. They know me, they know who I really am, and that’s what they want to share. As an artist this is incredibly encouraging.

The family around me that is purely motivated out of love sets the message God has placed in me free. They long to see my dreams fulfilled and the Spirit of Adoption flood the earth.

My hope is that everyone can experience the depth of relationship only family can give. It’s the breeding ground for creativity and innovation. I pray that each person would find themselves as a son, brother, daughter, sister, mother, father, etc. In doing so you are building the Kingdom of God. You are building the only institution in the world that truly provides healing for the orphan. This is how caring for the orphan becomes the purest and most undefiled form of religion (James 1:27), it brings us back to our purest and simplest design. The design Papa God longs to see fill the earth; family.

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Stand in Awe

Jon Thurlow

1 Who Is Like You?

2 Have the Glory

3 Fully in Love

4 Take Your Place

5 Before Your Eyes

6 Simple Conversation

7 I Love Your Ministry

8 Love Remains

9 Fairer Than the Sons of Men

10 Stand in Awe

11 Things Are Not Okay

Album Only

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United: The White Album

Hillsong United

Hillsong UNITED: the white album [remix project] is a collection of well-known songs previously released from UNITED but remixed by various mix engineers and musicians. The project includes ‘With Everything’, ‘Search My Heart’, ‘From The Inside Out’, ‘Like An Avalanche’ amongst others. Completely remixed, these innovative expressions bring to light a new creative approach to songs that are already well loved.

Coming off the most successful album of their career, UNITED are more committed than ever to creating a musical expression that is almost uncomfortable in its uniqueness. Continuing to create, experiment with and expand on those musical expressions is at the heart of the white album [remix project].

Beginning with a track list of their most popular worship songs, this eclectic group of mix engineers and musicians brings these songs into today’s musical soundscape and in some cases push them into tomorrow. Always pushing boundaries sonically, these remixes sound as groundbreaking and current as anything on ZION while staying bound by the common goal of giving voice to a generation who is passionate about God.

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$13.99 $13.99